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iv1005 submitted 2016/8/12 11:04, published 2016/8/12 11:04

Droppy.io is an FREE online file sharing that anyone can use to share big and small files with your family, friends and your colleagues. You are free to upload up to 100 files and not more than 1000mb.

SocialSam submitted 2015/4/18 14:22, published 2015/4/18 14:22

There are definitely more advanced web Apps out there and what not but this classic style website is actually quite efficient, it's fast, no sign ups and you can find some pretty cool effects.


SocialSam submitted 2014/7/7 12:31, published 2014/7/7 12:31

Tabloids Weekly features tons of the latest Movie News and Hollywood Gossip! Check it out! more...

namramuni submitted 2011/3/16 1:58, published 2011/3/16 1:58

Namramuni Maharajsaheb is one of the youngest Jain monk of India. Namramuni is a sole believer of Humanity. Namramuni is the most followed Jain monk of the country. more...

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